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Nov 11 2012

UX lessons from…Whatever

I saw yet another one of those ‘What you can learn about UX from XYZ’ articles, and couldn’t resist a cheeky little tweet.

In response, Jack couldn’t resist either and accepted the challenge by following up with a neat and deeply thoughtful piece ‘UX lessons from ice-cream’.

Not being able to comment there, I had to do it here. (You know for how long I haven’t posted anything here, Jack? You made me do it again. Thanks actually!)

So, the comment:

Thanks Jack for a brilliant article combining the two passions of mine - UX and ice-cream. When I did the tweet above, I was after something completely ridiculously unrelated to UX. And icecream popped to my mind. Always does. So thanks for linking them together.

But what about…UX and earthworms!? Why earthworms? No idea. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to accept this one.)


If you were thinking of squeezing some juicy UX lessons from Johhny Depp or Tom Hanks, don’t bother, because that’s been done too.


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