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Apr 25 2011

World with unlimited resources

I was travelling South-east Asia recently and on that occasion I read a comic book retelling the classic ancient Chinese texts upon which Taoism is based.

These texts made me realise that the human society really hasn’t changed that much over the last two thousand years. People’s needs and desires are the same.

Then a question came to my mind: What would a world with unlimited resources look like?

I pondered this question and not being able to find a satisfactory answer I asked on Twitter. Here are a couple of great bite-sized answers that I think are quite insightful.

pigcore Katerina Skotalova: we would destroy ourselves much earlier.

elreiss Eric Reiss: Access to unlimited resources of any kind make it even tougher to set priorities. Judgement atrophy sets in. Necessity is necessary.

janbrasna Jan Brašna: Stalling in steampunk utopia perhaps? Constraints, threats and limited resources is what drives innovation and development.

Darrenux Darren J Smith: crowded

simplydt David T Kramaley: Then humans brains would be so small & stupid from the lack of challenge!


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